Our Retirement Community is Nationally Recognized for Our Approach to Memory Care

DSL-SHINE-Memory-Care-LogoHere at Lakeside At Mallard Landing, we offer residents our very own SHINE® Memory Care program, ideal for those with memory-related problems such as Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. Our SHINE® Memory Care program curriculum has earned a National Certificate of Recognition from the Alzheimer’s Association®, the country’s leading, voluntary health organization dedicated to Alzheimer’s care and research. The distinction is one that we share with a small and elite group of U.S. memory care providers.

Our SHINE® program was thoroughly developed through studying the scientific principles which promote comprehension and engagement, thereby increasing the quality of life of our residents. Here, every team member is professionally trained to provide the utmost care for all residents with memory-related problems and treats everyone with respect.

The SHINE® Memory Care program could just be what your loved ones need, get in touch with Lakeside At Mallard Landing today at 410.618.3916 to find out more.

What Is SHINE® Memory Care?

The SHINE® Memory Care program is a program specifically designed to tackle the challenges faced by those with memory-related problems like dementia, guiding them along in all that they do. Every team member of the SHINE® Memory Care program has been trained professionally in the field of memory care, ensuring that your loved ones are always getting the care they deserve.

The SHINE® Memory Care program aims to provide a journey of discovery for all residents, planning out activities to ensure they stay stimulated cognitively and physically, not forgetting that all basic needs are taken care of. Within the SHINE® Memory Care program, three quality meals are provided daily for all residents. These meals are all planned and rich in nutrition, whipped up by our very own professional chefs.

Some of the important things the SHINE® Memory Care program focuses on include:

  • Communication – An effective communication protocol closely links residents, families, and care providers.
  • Training – Every team member has to undergo extensive specialized training before being qualified to administer their exceptional care
  • My Story- Residents are provided with a personal handcrafted book used daily, giving residents a sense of individuality.
  • Dining – Other than the well-planned diet, the dining experience itself is created to encourage appetite, awareness, participation, and interaction.
  • Life enhancement – Incorporates the use of both one-on-one and group activities to create unique sensory experiences for all residents.
  • Neighborhood design – Planned with safety and security in mind, optimized for health, happiness, and convenience.

The SHINE® Memory Care Program


A non-exhaustive list of what you can expect to discover within our memory care community include:

Discover Independence, Confidence, and Self-Esteem

  • Promote physical exercise, stimulating mental activity, and helping to maintain social and religious contacts
  • Encouraging active participation whenever possible, during any activity of the day
  • Emphasize on residents’ strengths instead of limitations
  • Celebrating every success, however big or small
  • Facilitate physical and mental stimulation, as well as maintaining an adequate amount of social interaction

Discover Dining Delights

  • “Food on the Run” service provided for residents who frequently wander about or have trouble focusing on meals
  • Rotating well-balanced diet prepared by professional chefs
  • Meals served in calm environments at the same time every day
  • Assistance provided during meals to promote active participation

Discover Fun and Engaging Activities

a woman is happy to be in a memory care nursing home in MD

  • Activities planned to fit the attention span of residents
  • Activities provide are failure-free, non-competitive in nature, and appropriate for their age
  • Activities conducted both individually and in small groups
  • Every resident has activities they can do within their capabilities

Discover Friendships and Belonging

  • Assistance provided in personal care activities to facilitate control and independence of residents, encouraging active participation
  • Leisure activities for residents to enjoy and make friends
  • Promote productive activities that give residents a sense of self-worth and personal success

Should you require further information about our SHINE® Memory Care Program or experience “A Day In The Life” of the residents here, feel free to contact our Senior Lifestyle Counselor. We will be more than happy to talk with you more about your personal needs.

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Over the years, a growing number of seniors and their loved ones choose to participate in the SHINE® Memory Care Program provided by Lakeside At Mallard Landing. Our SHINE® program is ideal for those who want their loved ones to live in a community where they will receive personal care and enjoy a high quality of life.

If you have any questions or would love to know more about the SHINE® Memory Care Program, contact us today at 410.618.3916. You can also choose to schedule a tour to physically experience and understand why residents love it here at Lakeside At Mallard Landing.

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