Senior driver holding take away drink

Why You Should Evaluate Your Driving Skills After Turning 50

As we age, the open road beckons with both freedom and challenges. A senior’s driving skills can subtly shift, making regular evaluations not just wise but necessary. It’s about ensuring safety, confidence, and independence on every journey. In our community, we see driving as a symbol of freedom. However, with Senior Living, maintaining this freedom also means adapting. We…

Three generations. Happy grandmother, her daughter and granddaughter at home

Unraveling FAQs On Intergenerational Day

Intergenerational Day shines a spotlight on the power of connections across different ages. It emphasizes the beauty and value of shared experiences, wisdom, and stories, promoting understanding and respect among generations. This day brings everyone, from toddlers to those in their golden years, into a circle of learning, laughter, and love. Our active community embraces Intergenerational Day as a…