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Within the local community, Lakeside At Mallard Landing has always been well-respected and known to be one of the best senior living communities.  In recent years, however, our senior living community is now being recognized on a national level, with our SHINE® Memory Care Program receiving a distinguished Certificate of Recognition from the Alzheimer’s Association®. The Alzheimer’s Association® is the United States’ leading voluntary health organization committed to Alzheimer’s research. This reputable feat was possible through a thorough review of the SHINE® Memory Care program, which displayed close relations to the best practices recommended by experts when it comes to taking care of those with memory-related problems.

This achievement did not come easily, with only seven other memory care providers in the whole of the United States having the same recognition. This means that some of the best memory care organization is available right here in Salisbury, MD. Some of the tips and advice our memory care experts here offer families looking for a suitable memory care solution for their loved ones include:

Compassion & Understanding

Even for family members taking care of loved ones that show symptoms of dementia, it can prove to be an extremely challenging task on a daily basis. While it may appear logical to have a loved one stay in their current homes, it might not always be the best solution. After all, caregiving is not a part-time job. The right care should always be available for those showing symptoms of dementia.

Some families aren’t always ready to take care of their loved ones around all hours of the clock, and those that use their free time to do so tend to feel burned out especially after long hours at work during the day. Ultimately, both families and seniors alike end up suffering and being on the losing end.

The senior living community here at Lakeside At Mallard Landing understands the constraints and needs of these families, and work to serve the best interests of both the seniors and their family members. This is possible thanks to our award-winning SHINE® Memory Care program, which has long been providing the support many families need over the past few years.


Here at Lakeside At Mallard Landing, we believe that every senior is unique and has their own needs and preferences. As such, we emphasized our SHINE® Memory Care program to be built upon a principle of personalization, with six individual points of focus that create a holistic approach relating to memory care:

  • Communication preferences for each resident
  • Extensive training for all team members and caretakers
  • “My Story”, a personal and biographical journey for every resident
  • Dining experiences that stimulate appetite, participation, and engagement
  • Life enhancement activities
  • Neighborhood design built with safety as the top priority

Our SHINE® Memory Care Program’s person-centric approach is what makes us stand out within the dementia care industry, not forgetting that all our team members are professionally trained and SHINE®-certified. Here at Lakeside At Mallard Landing, exceptional team members work on building a curriculum specifically tailored to each residents’ needs and capabilities. Our goal is to provide the best support for every resident and ensure they stay happy and healthy every single day. This is possible through our comprehensive approach that facilitates a healthy amount of social interaction along with adequate physical and cognitive stimulation.

 If you have a loved one with dementia and are on the lookout for family support, our SHINE® Memory Care Program might just be what you need. If you have any queries or want to find out more information regarding our SHINE® Memory Care Program and Alzheimer’s Association® recognition, feel free to contact Lakeside At Mallard Landing at 443.383.4580. Our team of Senior Lifestyle Counselors will be more than happy to help you with whatever you need.


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